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With the aid of computers, it is possible to solve problems previously well beyond the reach of human capability at speeds that are equal to the urgency created by the modern world. Problems recently considered far too complex to be treated quantitatively are now solved routinely. These same computers, which are helping to solve the problems of science, technology, government, and business, are widely applied in information systems of service to everyone and in automation systems to further reduce the toil of humankind. Their potential for extending human brainpower is just beginning to be appreciated.

On behalf of the entire department, the chair welcomes you.

Michela Taufer

GPU-Accelerated Scientific Computing

UD's Dr. Michela Taufer has been featured on Nvidia's weekly spotlight for her research on high performance computing.

CIS Grad Wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Austin Cory Bart, '12 Honors BS, cum laude, has received the fellowship to support his graduate study at Virginia Tech. He has this to say, "I owe a lot to the faculty at Delaware for getting me to where I am today. VT is a great school and I'm really enjoying it, but I'm still very much a Blue Hen at heart."

Ben Carterette

NSF Career Award

UD's Ben Carterette has been awarded a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Award for his research on search engines.

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