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Hagit Shatkay

Big data, big answers

A team led by the University of Delaware's Michela Taufer took first place in an international computing challenge for developing an accurate, scalable solution to the problem of scoring drug compounds on supercomputers.

Hagit Shatkay

Enlighten Me: Recruiting women into computer science field

Delaware Public Media's Eli Chen speaks with Lori Pollock at Univeristy of Delaware about bringing more women in to the field of computer science and engineering.

Hagit Shatkay

National center awards grant to support e-textiles workshop for female students

Thanks to funding from the National Center for Women and Information Technology Academic Alliance (NCWIT), in partnership with Symantec, undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Delaware will have the opportunity to participate in an e-textiles workshop this fall that aims to introduce computer science and engineering concepts in a practical and fun way.

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