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Theory of Computation

Theory of Computation is the core area of computer science that attempts to achieve deep understanding of computational processes through mathematical models, tools, and techniques. This understanding is important for its applications that include algorithm, compiler and VLSI design, the creation of intelligent technology, cognitive psychology, and philosophy. Work in this broad area generally appeals to those who seek this understanding and are attracted by the aesthetic, combinatorial, conceptual, and logical components of the thinking required.

At the University of Delaware, faculty members and occasional visiting faculty members lecture on the theory of computation and work on a broad range of exciting research projects available for essential participation by computer science doctoral students specializing in theory.

Current Faculty

  • Ilya Safro, Associate Professor: Network Science, Graph Algorithms, Combinatorial Scientific Computing, Large-scale Optimization


  • CISC 601 Elements of Theory of Computation
  • CISC 604 Logic in Computer Science
  • CISC 621 Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • CISC 689 Introduction to Network Science
  • CISC 801 Advanced Computability Theory
  • CISC 805 Computational Learning Theory

Theory of Computation Laboratories

Safro Research Group

101 Smith Hall, Professor Ilya Safro

Safro Research Group