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Daniel Chester

Daniel Chester

Associate Professor
101G Smith Hall
Newark, Delaware 19716
P: 302-831-1955

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Ph.D | Mathematics from University of California at Berkeley
M.A. | Mathematics from University of California at Berkeley
B.A. | Mathematics from University of California at Berkeley


The focus of my research is knowledge representation. Much of the work in artificial intelligence involves encoding a problem in some representation, solving the problem and presenting the solution in some representation. The representations for input, output and intermediate calculations are interpreted by humans, however, and that interpretation is their sole source of meaning. Unfortunately, the interpretation is done informally; it seldom has the formal semantics behind it that the interpretation of logical or mathematical formulas has. My goal is to develop knowledge representations, especially for the intermediate calculations, that derive their meaning in a more rigorous way than is usually done, and that depend less on human interpretation to have meaning.


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