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Professional Development Awards

Travel Funds for a Conference Research Paper Presentation

Graduate students presenting papers at conferences may apply to the Office of Graduate Studies and to the CIS Department Chair for travel support funds through a Professional Development Award.

With approval of the Chair, the department will match funds granted through an Office of Graduate Studies award. Departmental support is a required component of the Professional Development Award application. If, for some reason, support from the Office of Graduate Studies is not possible, it may still be possible to obtain funding from the CIS Department.

Please note that a student may only receive a maximum of two travel awards with a limitation of one travel award per academic year.


To begin the application process, you must first obtain approval for matching funds from the CIS Department Chair as follows:

  1. The student’s research advisor submits a nomination for travel support to the CIS Department Chair.
  2. The student submits the Professional Development Award form with an estimated budget to the CIS Graduate Academic Support Coordinator.
  3. The Graduate Academic Support Coordinator will assist the applicant, ensuring that all application materials are submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies, following approval of the CIS Department Chair.

For complete details on the award and to obtain an application form, visit:

For clarification on any of the steps above, contact Teresa Louise, CIS Graduate Academic Support Coordinator, by phone at (302) 831-2713 or by email at

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