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4+1 Bachelors/CS Masters Program

Choose one of our 4+1 programs and earn both a bachelor degree and a master’s in Computer Science in as little as five years. The accelerated degree programs allow students to apply for graduate programs during their junior year. If granted provisional acceptance, you may take graduate-level courses during the final year of your undergraduate program. Because some undergraduate courses are waived under an accelerated degree program, you’ll be able to complete both the undergraduate and graduate degrees in only one additional year.


The program is limited to UD undergraduates in the following majors:

  • Computer Science (BS or BA)
  • Information Systems (BS)
  • Biomedical Engineering (BBE)
  • Chemical Engineering (BChE)
  • Civil Engineering (BCE)
  • Computer Engineering (CPEG)
  • Construction Engineering and Management (BCEM)
  • Environmental Engineering (BENE)
  • Electrical Engineering (BEE)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (BMSE)
  • Mechanical Engineering (BME)

Applicants must be full-time students at the time of application. Students must have completed at least 90 credits toward their undergraduate degree prior to enrollment.

Admission Requirements

  1. Students apply to the 4+1 program in the spring semester of their junior year, or when they have completed 75 credits toward their undergraduate degree.
  2. A minimum grade average of 3.2 in the major field of study and an overall cumulative index of 3.0 are required.
  3. Scholarly competence in the following areas of computer science and mathematics:
    1. structured high-level programming (for example, CISC106, CISC 108, or equivalent)
    2. systems programming (for example, CISC210 or equivalent)
    3. data structures (for example, CISC 220 or equivalent).
    4. calculus (for example, MATH 241 or equivalent) or statistics (for example, STAT200 or MATH 205 or equivalent) or discrete math (for example MATH 210 or equivalent)

Note that course work is not the only way to demonstrate scholarly competence.  Students who have not taken the above courses but believe they have the necessary experience are encouraged to contact the program coordinator.

  1. Unofficial UD transcript
  3. A completed 4+1 APPLICATION
  4. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

Program Requirements

  • The dual-counted courses must be established classes in Computer and Information Sciences at the 600-level and above
  • Independent study or research cannot be dual-counted.
  • Additional graduate courses may be transferred but they must be:
    • In excess of the total required for the baccalaureate degree
    • Grades of no less than B-
    • Taken within the last five years
  • Students may choose the non-thesis or the thesis option for the Master of Science in Computer Science. The thesis option may require more time.
  • Students must fulfill all requirements for both degrees.

Graduate Recruitment Contacts

Li Liao
Email: cis-gradprgm@udel.edu
Phone: 302-831-2783

Chiamesha Carey
Graduate Academic Advisor II
Email: careyc@udel.edu
Phone: 302-831-4467

UD Graduate Admissions
Email: gradadmissions@udel.edu
Phone: 302-831-2129