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Why Attend Grace Hopper Celebration?

30,000+ Attendees, 250+ Speakers, 200+ Sessions aimed at students and faculty from all types of training institutions.

Women from Underrepresented Groups

Join women technologists who are Black, Latina, Hispanic, Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander.

Entrepreneurs and Founders

Join the annual PitcHER competition for women entrepreneurs leading tech startups

Top Companies Career Fair

Join the Top Companies for women technologists in interview booths and roundtables

Mentoring Circles

Join early, mid and senior career women for tips on how to start your career in small group settings

Network with your classmates

Join other UD CIS students in social networking and ice breakers while working together to achieve intersectional gender and pay parity in the technology field

Why Donate to UD CIS GHC?

“GHC was an awesome experience! Coming into the CIS major at UD, I had no prior experience with coding or any computer science at all, which made me question whether CIS was actually the place for me. GHC was the opportunity for me to figure this out. I attended many inspiring talks and talked to many companies. I met so many successful women who encouraged me to stay in the major which gave me a feeling of belonging. After attending GHC, I have decided that I will remain in CIS and make the best of the experience because I am capable and I know that this is where I belong.”  —  Da’Jha

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“Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to go to Grace Hopper virtually this year! It was an incredibly rewarding experience to be connected with so many impressive and inspiring women in STEM, and it was an opportunity that helped me navigate what roles I will pursue within the tech industry.”
“I think GHC is a great opportunity and an eye opener to help learn about how women in high-tech fields can be successful.
I want to talk about why we need a conference like this. It is important that women have equal access to study and career opportunities in science and technology. It is not only about whether we will miss the next Madame Curie, but also about whether society is just and everyone gets the right to develop fairly. Personally, I have been hindered in various ways, explicitly or implicitly, by my gender on my way to learning Computer Science. Attending this conference showed me that gender issues in STEM are real and universal globally, and that we need solidarity and conviction.”
Sha Liu
“Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend Grace Hopper this year. I got to experience this time and understand more about accessibility and how to obtain it within creating websites. Accessibility has been a big goal of mine this past year as I grow more confident in my skill set and grow into software engineering and joining the world of industry, so thank you for allowing me to attend talks and continue the conversation.”


My experience at GHC was unforgettable! I was able to see inspiring women in my field showing off their accomplishments and it was amazing to see. Being a CIS major, I get frustrated sometimes and feel as if I am struggling alone, but seeing women just like me explaining their story and how they grew to where they are today is truly inspiring. I was also able to familiarize myself with interviewing and career fairs, in which I’ve never done before. I am a junior, so understanding the “ins and outs” of a career fair will come in handy in the near future. I also made a bunch of new friends that came along with me to the trip. They are all wonderful, inspiring people as well and am glad I was able to meet them on this trip! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to attend this event!


I am so grateful to have been able to attend GHC this year. My first exposure to computer science was in high school where I was the only girl in my class. Therefore, it was incredibly inspiring to be surrounded by women in computing who have experienced similar struggles. I was able to network and interview extensively at the conference, and as a result I have a job lined up for when I graduate later this year. I was also able to connect with the other amazing girls in computer science from UD, many of which I had never met before. I feel closer to them because of this, and I am so thankful for this opportunity. Thank you so much for making this trip possible for me and the other young women in computer science at UD!.


Thank you so much for helping make our trip to GHC possible!  This conference meant so much to me because it really reaffirmed my passion and love for computer science.   Attending GHC reminded me why I became a computer science major in the first place – to help people.  At GHC, I attended talks by women in cybersecurity who’ve made a profound impact in the field, and it gave me hope that one day, I could be just like them.  Over the course of the week, I met so many amazing women who paved the way for students like me.  Grace Hopper gave me the chance to learn more about cybersecurity, gain networking experience, and meet more women in my major at UD.  I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to have this incredible opportunity and for believing in the women of UD’s CIS department to be the future of computer science!


GHC was such a great experience. Like many of my friends on this trip, I took my first computer science class in high school and was the only girl in a class of thirty students. At the conference I got a taste of what my working life will be like after I graduate, and afterwards I had two internship offers from companies that I contacted at the conference. The keynote speakers were incredible; they reignited my excitement for this field and inspired me to keep pursuing what I love. Seeing so many women who look like me, who are doing what I want to do after I graduate, made me believe that I do belong here in tech. The most surprising part of the trip was that I hadn’t met most of the other UD attendees before the conference. By the end we were all great friends, and we had a great support network to come back to campus with.


“Thank you so much for making our trip to GHC possible!  It was an amazing experience – starting right from meeting some girls from my major for the first time. I went to an all-girls school for most of my life, and I still remember how intimidated I felt in my first computer science class. This fear wasn’t because of the subject – I was certain of my passion for it before I chose my major. The male-dominated classrooms gave me a pause – filled me with uncertainty and questions about whether I would belong. Now, as a senior I like to think I’ve found my voice but that feeling of uncertainty still persists. Meeting classmates who’ve felt the same and all those other women at GHC who were driven to be empowered and empower others was a magical experience.  As someone who wants to pursue a career in assistive technologies – using tech for social good – I hoped to get inspired by revolutionary ideas to help people. And while there was no absence of great innovative ideas, I found myself taking something else from the experience. All of those keynote speakers – established and rising women in tech – swore by this idea of being unrelentingly committed to a plan, having unshakable conviction in a purpose and uncompromising faith in yourself and the universe working things out. I can’t begin to describe what these words meant to me – especially Vivienne Ming’s “If you want an amazing life, give it to someone else.” All the uncertainty I had ever felt till this point in my life was displaced by this conviction- this is what I want to do and I am absolutely capable of doing it. For this conviction, this experience – the friends I made and knowledge I gained – thank you. I’ve grown because of it. I will cherish these memories forever.”


“GHC is one of my most memorable college experiences. At the conference I was able to hear about other women’s struggles and success in the CIS field and it was inspiring. It helped me to realize that computer science is for me. I used to question if this major was right for me or not. I always felt what they call “imposter” syndrome – I felt like I wasn’t good enough to keep going in this field – attending GHC showed me there were other people who felt the same as me and I wasn’t alone. Not only did I get to hear from a lot of influential women, but I got to meet some amazing girls on my trip that I never would’ve gotten to know. We all have had to deal with the same classes and struggles. Before this trip I never felt like I really had any people I could go to, even as a senior, but now in every one of my classes I always see a girl from GHC on campus. I couldn’t be more grateful for the chance to go to GHC.


“I had such a great time at GHC 2019! It was such an incredible experience being surrounded by other women like me who had dealt with the same struggles and obstacles that we face as women in computing. I loved hearing from experts in the field and their stories about success and failure at the sessions, and the career fair has been massively helpful for me finding an internship for this summer. Lastly, I got to meet so many amazing UDCIS women and we have created such an awesome network for college and beyond. Thank you so much for giving us this amazing opportunity!”


GHC is an experience that I will forever be thankful for. It really allowed me to see how much women have an impact in the field of technology. I loved being able to hear inspiring and influential females come together in support of one another. It was very empowering! GHC also created the opportunity for me to network with multiple companies and really get a feel of what it’s like to go through the process of acquiring an internship/job. Being a junior, it will definitely help me obtain a job in the future after I graduate. In addition, throughout the week of the conference, I connected with many amazing women in my major from UD with whom I formed lasting friendships with. I greatly appreciate the community that has been created and know that these friendships will continue to grow. Thank you so much for supporting women in technology and giving us this incredible opportunity!


“I am so grateful for having this experience attending GHC this year. It was incredible how I was able to build and expand my networking, I had the opportunity to engage with other women and make connections with professionals in different levels of education and careers.  I learned a lot about different technology fields by attending many talks, presentations and workshops. It was incredible how much I’ve learned about my future career and all the possibilities I have.  Back home I noticed I was able to incorporate all these fresh ideas into my day-to-day and towards my research. I think it’s also important to break out from my regular tasks so that I can step back and take a look at the bigger picture.  Going to GHC was amazing in so many ways. I’m so thankful I was able to attend, and that UD’s CIS department was supportive in getting me there.”


GHC was an unforgettable experience for me, and I am incredibly grateful that I was able to attend along with so many of my fellow women in the UD CIS department. As a graduating senior, I already had a job lined up before going to the conference, but I was still able to network with many other professionals in my field and gain invaluable confidence and skills through the large variety of talks and workshops I attended there. Further, through both the conference itself and the meals and outings each day afterwards, I was able to strengthen my connections to my department, both among the students and the faculty who participated in the trip with me. This program is vital to maintain in a field that so often pushes women down and out – it serves as a demonstration of the commitment of the department and the university at large to empower women in computer science and STEM more broadly. In seeing myself reflected in the tens of thousands of other combined conference attendees, speakers, and organizers, I gained a renewed sense of belonging and a belief that there is hope for lasting positive change in this field. Thank you deeply for supporting that experience.


I am so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to attend my first GHC! I talked to so many amazing people and got inspired by all of the amazing women in technology. As a woman in computer science, I often feel out of place, but after attending GHC, I became so motivated and felt so included. The amazing women that I got to explore the conference with made this an experience I will never forget. I am incredibly thankful to the donors that continue to make the women in the CIS feel included in this conference year after year. In addition to learning so much and making so many great connections, I have received an internship offer from Allstate Insurance doing cybersecurity for the summer of 2020. This offer is one that I would not have been exposed to without attending GHC. I cannot express how much I gained from this conference and how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to attend.


I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to attend GHC. This event not only helped me to expand my professional network, but also inspired me to continue to explore other fields in the technology industry. The career fair, even though crowded, really helped me to build more connections and advance my career. I have met so many female tech leaders who are passionate about their occupations and received many interview opportunities from different companies including Microsoft and Two Sigma, which I am very thankful for. I have truly gained a lot from this experience and thank you deeply for the support.


This is an unforgettable experience in my college life. When I decided to study computer science, my family members and friends all thought that I was “brave” just because everyone said that computers are all about boys, science and logic, and boys learn better than girls. But this unforgettable trip to GHC made me see that millions of women are engaged in computer science. I am very happy that I have seen so many accomplished women fighting for their ideals, and the ideas and products put forward by many award-winning women are excellent. I have noticed that many of them focus on women’s education, and it is great, which guides women to learn about computers during their education. I also went to many excellent lectures which gave me the basic guidelines for planning my future and made me more clear about my direction. In the career fair, I gained a lot of connections and talked to a lot of women from different technology companies.  Thank you to all the donors for giving me the opportunity to go to GHC!


“I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend GHC for my first time! I had the chance to listen to empowering speeches given by successful women in computer science that truly inspired me. I also was able to attend talks about high-tech advancements in the field made by both college students and professionals that opened my eyes to the greatness I plan on contributing to. In addition, GHC gave me the unique opportunity to attend a career fair dedicated to supporting Women in Computing. Here I was able to gain experience talking to many companies and get a better understanding of what they look for in a college graduate. At the career fair I was able to have several interviews, and received an internship offer for Summer 2020. I left GHC with a sense of belongingness as a female in CIS. I am truly grateful to have had this amazing experience.”


Thank you so much for sponsoring our trip to GHC last October. The energy at the celebration was absolutely contagious, and I had an incredible time meeting other women who are passionate about computer science. The experience was also invaluable in getting connected to potential future employers – I got 5 interviews and 3 internship offers out of it! It was also so inspiring to be around so many successful women in the field. Being a woman in computer science can be difficult, so it was especially great to see successful women in the field. Thank you so much!


I am unable to express how thankful I am to have been able to go to GHC. I was always incredibly intimidated to go into computer science, not because I did not find it fascinating, but because I was not confident with my own skills. Not just my math ability, but my ability to exist in a world that I had been often warned is a notorious “boy’s club”. I decided, after reading hundreds of articles and books about the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, that I wanted to learn how to code, at least until I found my ceiling. So I took one class, and one turned into two and two turned into a minor and then a minor turned into, with a lot of encouragement from my friends and professors, another major. GHC happened during my first official semester within the major, and it absolutely solidified that I found where I am supposed to be. I love to be a woman in technology and I love to have all of these other women here with me! I knew this was where I was supposed to be, not just because of the bond I was able to make with the other women in my department, most of whom I had never even met, but also because of how inspired and excited I was every day at the event. Albeit most of it was incredibly overwhelming, I had to spend a lot of time just taking everything in! As a bonus, the networking I did at the celebration helped me make better connections that allowed me to secure my dream internship for this summer, I’ll be working at IBM on Artificial Intelligence! Thank you again for the opportunity, it really absolutely meant the world to me and to my confidence in the field.


I cannot thank you enough for sponsoring my trip to GHC. It was incredibly inspiring to see so many women in technology in one place and also to see the amazing amount of support companies now provide for us. I am a senior computer science major at UD, and I applied, interviewed for, and received three job offers during this conference. The job I accepted is with Verizon, where I will be working for their Emerging Technologies division in Boston starting in June. This group is currently developing cutting edge software such as detection systems for self-driving vehicles and vertical location services for 911 calls. There are only a few students accepted into this specialized program at Verizon, and I am so grateful that I was able to interview for it through GHC because I likely wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. In addition to obtaining job opportunities at this conference, I connected with Lesbians Who Tech, a national organization that supports LGBTQ individuals in technology. I am planning on attending their annual summit next fall! Through this trip I also was able to meet and become closer with other women students in the UD CIS department, particularly the two girls I roomed with at GHC. Because of the gender gap in tech, the majority of my friends in CIS at UD have been men, and I am so happy that I now have connections with more women students. Through these connections I have been able to bring more people to attend events for UD’s chapter of CS + Social Good, an organization that supports computer science education, open source projects, and ethical technology. Without your financial support I would not have been able to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.


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