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MBA + MS in Computer Science

Bridge the gap between technology and business needs.

Forge your future in the dynamic field of computer science by merging technical prowess with business acumen. This rapidly evolving industry needs individuals capable of communicating with technical and non-technical stakeholders, and this program showcases the adaptability and breadth of expertise to do just that. The computer science M.S. capitalizes on your understanding of technology trends and the MBA provides the knowledge and tools for strategic decision making in a global context.

This dual degree opens a wide range of career paths. Prepare for technical leadership roles, management consulting, product management, executive positions in tech firms, or even start your own venture.

The MBA/M.S. in computer science dual degree also qualifies as STEM-designated. International students completing this program may apply for up to a 24-month extension to their OPT (Optional Practical Training) period.

Program Requirements

Reduce your required credit hours from 68 to 56 with this unique dual degree program, which allows course overlap between the MBA and masters of computer science curricula. In order to take advantage of this credit savings, you must be admitted to the dual degree program before completing either the computer science or MBA program.

MSCS Courses (24 Credits)

Degree Requirements

The MS in Computer and Information Sciences requires a total of 30 credits.

  • All master’s students must take a graduate course in either algorithm design and analysis (e.g., CISC 621) or in theory of computation (e.g., CISC 601).
  • Each semester all graduate students must register for CISC 890 Colloquium: Computer Science (3 semesters or 9 credits)
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the research activities of the Department by taking CISC 666, CISC 866, or CISC 868.
  • 6 Elective Credits
  • 12 credits, one from each of the following 4 core areas:

Area 1: Theory

  • Elements of the Theory of Computation (CISC 601)
  • Logic in Computer Science (CISC 604)
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis (CISC 621)

Area 2: Systems and Networks

  • Computer Networks II (CISC 650)
  • Computer Systems: Architecture (CISC 662)
  • Operating Systems (CISC 663)
  • Compiler Construction (CISC672)

Area 3: Software

  • Computer Graphics (CISC 640)
  • Software Engineering: Principles and Practices (CISC675)
  • Artificial Intelligence (CISC 681)

Area 4: Information

  • Bioinformatics (CISC636)
  • Topics: Artificial Intelligence (CISC689) or Introduction to Data Mining (CISC683)
  • Database Systems (CISC637)
  • Introduction to Computer Vision (CISC642)

Review the University Catalog or course descriptions for the most up-to-date information.

MBA Courses (32 Credits)

ACCT 600 – Financial Reporting and Analysis
BUAD 620 – Fundamentals of Analytics
BUAD 631 – Operations Management and Management Science
BUAD 640 – Ethical Issues in Domestic and Global Business Environments
BUAD 670 – Managing People, Teams and Organizations
BUAD 680 – Marketing Management
BUAD 690 – Corporate Strategy
ECON 603 – Economic Analysis for Business Policy
FINC 650 – Financial Management

Choose one 3-credit elective with an international perspective. Choices include, but are not limited to:
BUAD 641 – Managing the Global Enterprise
BUAD 678 – Leading Across Boundaries
BUAD 682 – International Marketing
FINC 615 – International Finance

Professional development seminars:
BUEC 601 – Building Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking (1 credit)
BUEC 603 – Communicating, Branding and Career Networking (1 credit)

Admissions Information

You can apply directly into the dual degree program, or you can apply to the dual degree while completing either the computer science M.S. or the MBA.

When applying directly to the dual degree program, your application is considered first by the computer science program. If you are accepted, you are automatically accepted into the MBA program as well. For admission requirements, please visit the Department of Computer and Information Sciences’ program page.

STEM-Designated Program
This STEM-designated program provides international students 24 months of OPT (Optional Practical Training) in addition to the original 12 months.


For more information contact either the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at cis-gradprgm@udel.edu or the MBA program at mbaprogram@udel.edu. Either would be happy to provide information concerning admissions, requirements and opportunities of the dual-degree program.

Graduate Recruitment Contacts

Li Liao
Email: cis-gradprgm@udel.edu
Phone: 302-831-2783

Chiamesha Carey
Graduate Academic Advisor II
Email: careyc@udel.edu
Phone: 302-831-4467

UD Graduate Admissions
Email: gradadmissions@udel.edu
Phone: 302-831-2129