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Undergraduate Research

Talented, motivated undergraduates majoring in computer science and information systems are encouraged to get involved in research with a faculty mentor. Research opportunities are offered through the Science and Engineering Scholars program, faculty grants with research for undergraduates (REU) supplements, senior theses, independent studies with credit, and other arrangements with individual faculty leading research programs. Find more information about undergraduate research at University of Delaware at urp.udel.edu.

Besides learning about the research process, undergraduate researchers work side-by-side with graduate students and learn about the graduate school environment, gaining valuable advice and guidance about applying to graduate school. In addition, undergraduate researchers often participate in writing papers and preparing posters or talks on their research. Sometimes, the work is published at a regional, national or international conference or workshop, and the student researcher is supported to travel to the venue to present their work to the global research community.

Students completing undergraduate research have been admitted to graduate school in computer science at some of the most well respected departments, including: Cornell, Princeton, University of Washington, University of Massachusetts, University of Virginia, University of California Berkeley, University of Maryland, and University of Texas. Learn more about research, graduate school, and careers in computer science research at conquer.cra.org.

If you are interested in exploring undergraduate research in CIS, we encourage you to explore the faculty web pages and set up an appointment with individual faculty member to discuss the opportunities in their research lab.

All of the Computer Science programs allow students to participate in the University’s Vertically Integrated Projects program. Interested students are encouraged to attend a VIP information session to learn about the different projects. A student typically becomes involved in the VIP project in the first or second year and remains with the project until graduation.


Why do Undergraduate Research?

The University of Delaware believes that exceptionally capable and well-motivated students should be given a chance, while they are still beginners, to see and have a part in what is happening at the frontiers of knowledge today. Toward that end, undergraduates work as assistants or junior members of their faculty research teams.While preparing to do their own research, they have the opportunity to share in a professional researcher’s work.