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Cybersecurity is an emerging and rapidly expanding computer science field that addresses practical problems in real-world computer systems and networks, and protects them from various cyber-attacks. It is an interdisciplinary field covering topics in different research areas such as AI, machine learning, software engineering, economics, bioinformatics, etc. Multiple research groups at the University of Delaware currently center in several directions, including cloud and networking security, mobile and IoT security, privacy issues in wireless networks, and side/covert channels attacks.

Current Faculty

  • Rui Zhang, Associate Professor:
  • Xing Gao, Assistant Professor: System and Networking Security, Cloud Security, Mobile Security, Adversarial Machine Learning.


  • CISC 464/664 Introduction to Network Security
  • CISC 465/665 Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • CISC 449/649 Topics in Computer Applications – Internet Security with Mobile and IoT Devices