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With the aid of computers, it is possible to solve problems previously well beyond the reach of human capability at speeds that are equal to the urgency created by the modern world. Problems recently considered far too complex to be treated quantitatively are now solved routinely. These same computers, which are helping to solve the problems of science, technology, government, and business, are widely applied in information systems of service to everyone and in automation systems to further reduce the toil of humankind. Their potential for extending human brainpower is just beginning to be appreciated.

On behalf of the entire department, the chair welcomes you.

Benjamin Lefler, Daniel Charytonowicz and Adam Ramsaran

Daniel Charytonowicz is one of three UD students named 2014 Goldwater Scholars

Three University of Delaware students have earned scholarships from the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation, considered the premier undergraduate award of its kind.


Delaware seeks to stem the shortage of cybersecurity workers

Governor Markell has proposed a partnership between universities and private companies to create a network dedicated to cyber innovation.

Vijay K. Shanker

Vijay K. Shanker recieves SIGMOL award

Vijay K. Shanker was given the Association for Mathematics of Language award for his work in natural language processing.

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