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Francine Berman

Got Data? Distinguished Speaker Francine Berman December 6

Francine Berman is Edward P. Hamilton Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Senate-appointed member of the National Council on the Humanities. Her lecture, "Got Data? Building a Sustainable Data Ecosystem," will take place at the Roselle Center for the Arts on Tuesday, Dec. 6, from 2-3:15 p.m.

Diagnosing Heart Disease - 11/19/16

Hagit Shatkay: Predictive Models for Diagonising Heart Disease

Professor Shatkay is spending her sabbatical at an unusual place for a computer scientist - a hospital. An expert in computational biology and medical informatics, she is applying machine learning methods to electrocardiograms that have been annotated by experts at Johns Hopkins to identify which signals in the echo images indicate trouble and where to measure the heart for the greatest accuracy.

Hack-A-Thon - 5/2/16

UD named an NVIDIA GPU Education Center

GPU Education Centers are institutions recognized for integrating GPU-accelerated computing into their mainstream science and engineering curricula. Sunita Chandrasekaran, assistant professor of computer science, will direct the effort at UD. Chandrasekaran explains that GPU-accelerated computing is the use of a graphics processing unit together with a central processing unit to overcome the power and space limitations inherent in previous generations of high-performance computers.

SPARC-ing ideas

SPARC (Student Project Arena for Research and Collaboration) Lab in 210 Smith Hall

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, the ribbon was cut on the new facility, which features inspiring quotes on the wall, rolling whiteboards, comfortable furniture, and screens for sharing ideas. Department Chair Kathleen McCoy envisions the SPARC Lab providing valuable opportunities for students to learn how to work together and "become good computer scientists." "I think we're going to see great things coming out of this space," she says. "It will be a place where a lot of good work will get done."

Lori Pollock

Pollock is a Distinguished Professor!

Lori Pollock has been named Alumni Distinguished Professor effective Sept. 1. "Lori has a rich record of accomplishment, and she is a role model for faculty in both her accomplishments and how she approaches the job," said Errol Lloyd. "She has been recognized locally and nationally for her contributions to computer science education, her research, her service to the profession, and her mentorship of students and young faculty."

SPARC Lab innovation space

Ribbon cutting Sept 20. You are invited!

CISTERS goes national

It's official: CISTERS is now an ACM-W chapter

CISTERS is a well established group that brings together women in technology-driven fields at the University of Delaware. CISTERS now has become an official ACM-W student chapter. A sub-group of the Association of Computing Machinery, ACM-W celebrates, supports, and advocates for women in computing, providing a wide range of programs and services and working in the larger community to advance the contributions of technical women.

Putting software on a diet

Putting Software on a Diet

James Clause Lori Pollock are partnering to address the needs of software engineer to understand how and why the decisions they make affect the energy consumption of their applications, and to have tools to discover and apply the modifications that would improve the energy usage of their applications. News Journal story

Naked Eye 3D TV

Professor Jingyi Yu has something up his sleve for couch potatoes. His startup aims to make it a reality.

Cathy Wu and Vijay Shanker

Big Data For Better Medicine

Professors Cathy Wu and Vijay Shanker receive National Institutes of Health funding to facilitate translation of biomedical data. Two new grants from NIH are to continue building the capacity to use big data for precision medicine, aimed at designing individually targeted therapies for maximal efficacy and minimal side effects.

Carterette ICTIR conference

UD to host International Conference on Theory of Information Retrieval

Professors Ben Carterette (CIS) and Hui Fang (ECE) are co-organizing the conference to be held Sept. 13-16. Information Retrieval is the computing discipline behind web search engines of all kinds.


GPU Programming Hackathon Video

Live video of the Hackathon at UD, May 2-6, 2016, at UD co-organized by our Sunita Chandrasekaran. Participants (UD student teams and others) are developing and testing their code on the worlds second largest supercomputer.

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