No Duplicate Credit for Certain 400/600 - Level Courses

Certain 400 and 600 level courses taught by our department have substantial overlap in content. If you have previously taken the 400-level course, then you cannot get credit for the corresponding 600-level course. A common situation where this policy applies is when you took the 400-level course while enrolled as an undergraduate student at the University of Delaware. If you then join our graduate program as an MS or PhD student, then you will not be allowed credit for the corresponding 600-level course. If you are in this situation, then you should consult with your advisor and/or the Graduate Program Committee to come up with a plan of study that avoids these courses and also fulfills all the requirements for your graduate degree. Since most of these courses are breadth courses, you may have to select alternate courses that meet the breadth requirement. The same applies to courses used for the PhD preliminary exam course requirement.

Below is a complete list of current courses for which duplicate credit is not allowed:

CISC 401 / 601 (Elements of the Theory of Computation)
CISC 404 / 604 (Logic in Computer Science)
CISC 414 / 614 (Formal Methods in Software Engineering)
CISC 436 / 636 (Bioinformatics)
CISC 437 / 637 (Database Systems)
CISC 440 / 640 (Computer Graphics)
CISC 442 / 642 (Introduction to Computer Vision)
CISC 450 / 650 (Computer Networks)
CISC 451 / 651 (Data Compression in Multimedia)
CISC 453 / 653 (Simulation of Computer Networks)
CISC 464 / 664 (Introduction to Network Security)
CISC 465 / 665 (Introduction to Cybersecurity)
CISC 470 / 670 (Programming Languages)
CISC 471 / 672 (Compiler Design / Compiler Construction)
CISC 475 / 675 (Advanced Software Engineering / Software Engineering Principles and Practices)
CISC 481 / 681 (Artificial Intelligence)
CISC 483 / 683 (Introduction to Data Mining)
CISC 484 / 684 (Introduction to Machine Learning)
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