UD alumnus Roger Craig reaches ‘Jeopardy!’ tournament semifinals

University of Delaware alumnus Roger Craig proved he hasn’t lost his winning touch on Jeopardy! by taking top prize on the Tournament of Champions quarterfinals show that aired Thursday, Nov. 3.

Craig’s winning performance, in which he came away with $19,600, also earned him entry into the semifinal round of the tournament, which concludes Nov. 15. His semifinal appearance will air Friday, Nov. 11.

Craig, who graduated from UD following the fall 2010 semester with a doctorate in computer and information sciences, won $231,200 while appearing on the show during September 2010, then the third highest total in Jeopardy! history. His single game total of $77,000 still stands as the highest in the show’s history.

In Thursday night’s competition, Craig had amassed $39,800 before missing the final question.

A computer scientist and Newark resident, Craig said that the best part of the latest round is getting to meet the other Jeopardy! champions.

“They are all funny, interesting people, and I’m really glad to have met them,” Craig said. “There was a lot of camaraderie in the green room, in the studio and at the hotel bar.”

The Tournament of Champions is comprised of the 13 biggest winners since the last tournament in terms of games won and total winnings. Also competing are the winners of the College Championship and Teachers Tournament.

Craig, who prepared for the latest round by brushing up on presidents, capitals, Shakespeare and the Academy Awards, said the prizes and trip to Los Angeles also makes for a nice vacation.

“It feels great to compete again,” Craig said. “It’s a joy to play the game.”

Jeopardy! airs at 7 p.m., weekdays, on WPVI-TV in the Delaware-Philadelphia viewing area and on WMAR-TV in Baltimore.

For more information on the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions, visit the website.

Article by Jerry Rhodes

Photo courtesy Jeopardy Productions Inc.