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James Clause

James Clause

Associate Professor
438 Smith Hall
Newark, Delaware 19716
P: 302-831-0084

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PhD | 2011 | Computer Science | Georgia Institute of Technology
MS | 2005 | Computer Science | University of Pittsburgh
BS | 2003 | Computer Science | Allegheny College


  • help software developers write energy-efficient applications
  • help software testers write high-quality, durable tests
  • improve software quality by safely using potentially sensitive information gathered from users


  1. C. Sahin, L. Pollock, and J. Clause. “From Benchmarks to Real Apps: Exploring the Energy Impacts of Performance-directed Changes.” In: Journal of Systems and Software 117 (2016), pp. 307–316. [2]
  2. C. Sahin, M. Wan, P. Tornquist, R. McKenna, Z. Pearson, W. G. J. Halfond, and J. Clause. “How Does Code Obfuscation Impact Energy Usage?” In: Journal of Software: Evolution and Process 28.7 (2016), pp. 565–588. [3]
  3. I. Doudalis, J. Clause, G. Venkataramani, M. Prvulovic, and A. Orso. “Effective and Efficient Memory Protection Using Dynamic Tainting.” In: IEEE Transactions on Computers 61.1 (2012), pp. 87–100.

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