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Chandra Kambhamettu

Chandra Kambhamettu

420 Smith Hall
Newark, Delaware 19716
P: 302-831-8235

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University of S. Florida Computer Science and Engg. Ph.D. 1991-1994
University of S. Florida Computer Science and Engg. M.S. 1989-1991
Osmania University Computer Science and Engg. B.S. 1985-1989


Video modeling and image analysis for biomedical, remote sensing, and multimedia applications


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  2. Rohith MV, Gowri Somanath, Debra Norris, Jennifer Gutierrez, Chandra Kambhamettu, A Camera ash based pro jector system for true scale metric reconstruction”, ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage, Volume 6 Issue 1, March 2013.
  3. Gayathri Mahalingam and Chandra Kambhamettu, Face verication of age separated images under the inuence of internal and external factors”, Image and Vision Computing. Volume 30, Issue 12, Pages 1052- 1061, Dec. 2012.
  4. Yuanjie Zheng, Stephen Lin, Sing Bing Kang, Rui Xiao, James C. Gee, and Chandra Kambhamettu, Singleimage vignetting correction from gradient distribution symmetries”, IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Oct. 2012.
  5. Rohith MV, Joshua Jones, Ha jo Eicken, Chandra Kambhamettu, Automatic vessel tracking and event detection in radar images”, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Nov. 2012.
  6. Rohith MV, Joshua Jones, Ha jo Eicken and Chandra Kambhamettu Extracting quantitative information on coastal ice dynamics and ice hazard events from marine radar digital imagery”, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Nov. 2012.
  7. Mani Thomas, Chandra Kambhamettu and Cathleen A. Geiger, Motion Tracking of Discontinuous Sea Ice”, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Vol.49, No.12, December 2011.
  8. L.-P. Wang, O. Ayala, H. Parishani, W. W. Grabowski, A. A. Wyszogrodzki, Z. Piotrowski, G. R. Gao, C. Kambhamettu, X. Li, L. Rossi, D. Orozco and C. Torres, 2011, Towards an integrated multiscale simulation of turbulent clouds on PetaScale computers”, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 318, 072021. doi:10.1088/1742- 6596/318/7/072021.
  9. Ha jo Eicken, Joshua Jones, Rohith MV, Chandra Kambhamettu, F. Meyer, A. R. Mahoney, and M. L. Druckenmiller (2011), Environmental security in Arctic ice-covered seas: From strategy to tactics of hazard identication and emergency response”, Marine Technology Society Journal, 45(3), 37-48, 2011.
  10. Qi Li and Chandra Kambhamettu, Contour Extraction of Drosophila Embryos”, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Vol.8, No.6, November/December 2011.

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