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Lori Pollock

Lori Pollock

436 Smith Hall
Newark, Delaware 19716
P: 302-831-1953

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PhD | 1986 | Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh
MS | 1983 | Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh
BS | 1981 | Computer Science & Economics, Allegheny College


Lori Pollock’s research interest for focus on software engineering and computer science education. Supported by National Science Foundation grants, she currently leads or co-leads four research projects on several software engineering research problems: (1) assessing and improving the quality of software-related social communication channels, (2) reducing the testing costs of porting applications to cloud services, (3) helping software developers to make software more energy efficient, and (4) improving software maintenance tools through text analysis of software and software-related documents. She also collaborates on educational research in computer science and outreach to provide professional development to K-12 computer science teachers in the state of Delaware. She is an ACM Distinguished Scientist and IEEE Senior Member.


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