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Ilya Safro

Ilya Safro

Associate Professor and Associate Chair
430 Smith Hall
Newark, Delaware 19716
P: 302-831-4512

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PostDoc | 2007-2010 | Argonne National Laboratory
Ph.D. | 2008 | Weizmann Institute of Science | Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
MSc | 2004 | Weizmann Institute of Science | Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
BSc | 1998 | Ben Gurion University of Negev | Mathematics and Computer Science


Dr. Ilya Safro received his Ph.D. from the Weizmann Institute of Science under the supervision of Achi Brandt and Dorit Ron. In January 2021, he joined the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Delaware. In 2012-2020, Dr. Safro held assistant and associate professor positions in the School of Computing at Clemson University. He was also a Faculty Scholar of the Clemson University School of Health Research. Before that he was a postdoc and Argonne scholar at the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science at Argonne National Laboratory.

Dr. Safro’s research is funded by several agencies including NSF, DARPA, NIH, DOE, and BMW. His research interests include algorithms and models for quantum computing, AI, machine learning, natural language processing, network science and graphs, and large-scale optimization.


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  4. Ruslan Shaydulin, Hayato Ushijima-Mwesigwa, Christian F.A. Negre, Ilya Safro, Susan M. Mniszewski, Yuri Alexeev “Hybrid Approach for Solving Optimization Problems on Small Quantum Computers”, IEEE Computer, vol. 52(6), pp. 18-26, download, 2019
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