Academic and Research Advisors

As a new graduate student, you are likely to be assigned an academic advisor by the Department when you first join the graduate program. You should contact your advisor to discuss your choice of courses to take in the first semester. Subsequently, you should also meet with your advisor at least once a semester to decide what courses to take in the following semester. The advisor is available to you as an important resource on academic issues. If you need help on any curriculum-related subject or have questions about the degree requirements, you should not hesitate to contact your advisor. Ultimately, you are responsible for making sure that you satisfy all requirements for your graduate degree. However, an advisor can help you avoid mistakes and guide you to understand what the requirements may mean in your specific context.

If you are a PhD student or you are an MS student who is interested in research, then you are encouraged to find a research advisor within your first year of study. You must have a research advisor before you start the PhD Preliminary Exam. Once you have a research advisor, he/she will also become your academic advisor. A research advisor must be a member of the CIS tenure-track faculty. You may have a research advisor from another department within the University in which case you will be asked to have a co-advisor from within the CIS Department.

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