SIGNewGrad – New Graduate Student Colloquium

Every Fall semester the Department offers a special section of CISC 890 – Colloquium called SIGNewGrad or the New Graduate Student Colloquium. This course has 0 credits and is taken on a Pass/Fail basis, just like the other Colloquium courses. All new students entering our graduate program (both MS and PhD) must sign up for the SIGNewGrad Colloquium in their first semester. Students entering in the Spring semester should take SIGNewGrad in the following Fall semester.

The SIGNewGrad Colloquium course has sessions on diverse topics that should be helpful to new graduate students. These topics include the academic requirements for the MS and PhD degrees, how to succeed in graduate school, computer science careers in academia and industry, and use of local resources such as the Library and the Writing Center. The Colloquium also features individual presentations by the department faculty on their research. These presentations should help new students to become familiar with the different research areas in the Department. New students are encouraged to directly contact faculty whose research they find interesting and to get involved with a research group as early as possible.

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